Sep 10, 2021 Vehicle Inertia Measurement Facility

Ensuring Your Vehicle Is Safe For The Road

It is important that we drive a safe vehicle. If we have a vehicle that doesn’t run right or if it starts to have problems, then we need to take it somewhere to be looked at. Before a vehicle is put on the road or if it has been on the road for an extended period of time, a Vehicle Inertia Measurement Facility will be a good place to take it.

Tire pressure

You want to check for good tire pressure. If your tires are low then your vehicle will not run as efferent as possible. Also, your tires could encounter something sharp that could cause a lot of damage.


Vehicle Inertia Measurement Facility

You want to make sure that you have fresh oil in your vehicle. Oil is used to keep all of your gears and parts working well. If for some reason you have a leak, make sure that it is fixed before you drive anywhere.

Assembly line inspections are performed when vehicles come off the assembly line. The process is very extensive and takes several hours to complete. During this time the vehicle will be inspected for any defects.

After the vehicle is assembled, it will be taken to a test facility where it will be inspected again and made sure that all of the systems are working properly. The technician will also make sure that lights and signals work as they should. The vehicle is then driven to a station where the tire pressure is checked, oil levels are checked, and the vehicle is run through a thorough inspection again.

After all of this it will be driven out to one of three test tracks where it will take different types of acceleration tests and handling tests to see how each vehicle performs on different types of surfaces. Finally the vehicle will be driven around town at various speeds for extended periods of time to make sure that the vehicle is safe for consumers.